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Music Playa ft. Lenky Don & Zè Luis

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Music Playa I-chèle ft. Lenky Don & Zè Luis



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About I-chèle

Intoxicating vocals woven around deep drum and bass rhythms; this is the essence of I-chèle. With a sensuous, passionate flair, I-chèle creates her own blend of reggae, highly influenced by Bob Marley, Jimi Hendrix, and Sade. Her positive and uplifting message shows respect for the power of roots rock reggae and Nyabinghi rhythms, and her presence captivates audiences of all ages.

I-chèle grew up in New York City and was trained in theater and dance at the NYC School of Performing Arts. She traveled the world before settling down on the West Coast, where she has grown a steady fan base. Her music is aired on community radio stations all over the United States and South America.

"Music Playa" is the first release for I-chèle in over 6 years, though you won't have to wait that long to hear the next one. Her new album is slated for release this summer!!

About "Music Playa"

My name is I-chèle and I want to tell you the story behind MUSIC PLAYA:

A few summers ago, I gave a couple copies of my last album, Salon d’ Esoterica, to KRS-One (The Teacha) and his security guard, Zin Uru. I was then blessed to have an ongoing communication with KRS-One and the Temple of Hip Hop. Through those communications, I became aware that KRS-One was listening to my grooves while driving around the West Coast. I was so thrilled at the thought of singing to a great artist on the way to his/her gig, that I started giving my music to other artists backstage, saying “Let me sing to you on the way to your show!” That’s when the chorus of MUSIC PLAYA started swirling around my heart and soul. Within a year, destiny started the process of recording MUSIC PLAYA.

The demo was originally recorded in a motel with a gifted musician named Shaolin, who was touring with Prezident Brown. I will always remember that session with the deepest of gratitude. Within a year, MUSIC PLAYA was recreated and produced by my friend Gabe Moses and engineered by Cliff Simpson and Barry Komitor at Studio Chill in Times Square, NYC. Thank you Gabe, Cliff, Barry, Ricky T., Danny Miller, Natty Frenchy, Zè Luis, and Lenky for breathing life into this song!

MUSIC PLAYA is my way of inspiring you “to do what you do!” So… “Put me in your MUSIC PLAYA, I’ll serenade ya,” every chance you give me.

LOVE, I-chèle


"Music Playa" was produced by G. Moses, who works out of Studio Chill, a central hub for reggae production in New York's Times Square. As a drummer, he has played and toured with many leading reggae artists.

Zé Luis (José Luis Oliveira) :: is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, arranger and producer with broad experience. Playing flute, saxophone, guitar and percussion, Zé Luis—who has toured the world and recorded with leading Brazilian and pop artists—is credited on hundreds of songs and film soundtracks.

"Trinidad-born dancehall rude boy Lenky Don might live in Brooklyn and have a following in Houston, but his delivery is genuine, rough-and-ready dancehall. A bit of a chameleon, he can roll with chrome-plated, electronic, paranoid flavors of dubstep; a stock diwali rhythm; or laid-back fun-in-the-sun tracks like 'Copacabana' on his new Radioactive full-length." (Time Out Chicago, Issue 133, Sept. 13th, 2007)

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